Major changes are happening in New Delhi to prepare for Commonwealth Games this October. This is the first time India is hosting a sporting event on this scale which led to massive ongoing preparations since past 4 years, including the fast paced extension of Delhi Metro.

The National Capital Region, Delhi is gearing up for the upcoming commonwealth games from 3-14th October 2010. Most of the hotels in the regions are adding the capacity, some to the tune of 100 rooms plus before the event is scheduled to start. The NCR now leads the country in terms of room rates; thanks to the increase in demand because of huge number of sports enthusiasts and tourists who are likely to flock the country apart from the participants.

The entire region including the Lutyen’s Delhi is being cleaned up and experiencing a resurgence. The monuments and the main shopping areas are being revitalized. The authorities are talking to the other states in the country like Rajasthan and Kerala to prepare special packages for the tourist coming in the region at that time. Further Indian Railway which is the sponsors for the games will run a special train between New Delhi and Kerala publicizing the game. It is expected more than 100 thousand tourists will reach the country during the games.