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At the height of their popularity as a means of travel, trains were often an integral part of a vacation or journey. Several train vacations became famous worldwide, with passengers often boarding as much for the experience of riding the train as for reaching the ultimate destination. Whether the journey was drenched in luxury, offered breathtaking scenery, or both, these famous train routes provided passengers with memories which frequently lasted a lifetime.

The Palace on Wheels
Included among the world’s 10 greatest train journeys by ABC Travel, the Palace on Wheels begins and ends its seven-day route in Delhi as it travels throughout the Rajasthan region of northern India. Its 52 single, double and triple rooms are frequently booked solid several months in advance. The train is fitted out with lavish, regionally oriented decor, and boasts two Indian cuisine restaurants along with a fully stocked bar and bar lounge. The no-smoking train has Wi-Fi Internet service throughout, with electrical sockets and laundry service available. The Palace on Wheels Palace Tours Ltd. 20 Wall St. Princeton, NJ 08540 800-724-5120

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