Indian Luxury Trains are now equipped with the Ultimate source of entertainment for half of the world, LIVE TV.
The Live TV service offers 110 digital channels with a bouquet including news, entertainment, regional and sports.

Pramod Sharma, general manager, Rajasthan Tourism Development Corp. Ltd., shared positive response from the passengers.
“Our guests who expect the best in luxury are pleasantly surprised to see Live TV facility available on these trains. They are enjoying IPL and English Premier League matches on the move,” said Sharma.

“Being connected with the world with live news from both national and international channels is a great facility when one is travelling through a remote desert,” he added.

The second phase looks at live TV on each seat in these trains.
At the moment, there is one antenna on Palace on Wheels and two on Royal Rajasthan on Wheels. The transmission suffers only when a train passes through a tunnel.