Spanish is one of the most widely spoken and accepted languages in Europe and America’s.  Phrases of Spanish are also part of other languages around the world.

Palace Tours provides you with plenty of exciting touring options around Spain, We find a lot of travelers interested in visiting this small but marvelous country.

This post is for our clients & people interested in visiting Spain or other Spanish speaking countries. A few key phrases in spanish that would be immensely helpful while visiting Spain

Travel Phrases in English > Spanish Translation > Pronunciation

  • Hello >    Hola>     “ola”
  • Goodbye >    Adios >     “adee-yos”
  • Yes >     Si >  “see”
  • No >       No >         “no”
  • Please >    Por favor >       “pour fah-vour”
  • Thank You >     Gracias >       “grah-see-as”
  • Excuse Me >      Perdon >      “pear-don”
  • Do you speak English? >     ¿Habla ingles?>      “abla ing-gless”
  • Can you help me?>     ¿Puede ayudarme?>     “pwede ay-u-dar-may”
  • I don’t know >      No se >       “no say”
  • I want>      Quiero >       “key-err-o”
  • How much?>     ¿Quanto cuesta? >      “kwanto kwesta”
  • Where is >       ¿Donde esta? >      “don-day estah”
  • bathroom/restaurant/hotel el  >        baňo/restaurante/hotel >     “el ba-nyo/el res-tao-ron-te/el otel”
  • Taxi please >     Taxi por favor >       “taxi pour fah-vour”
  • I need a doctor >     Necessito un medico >     “nes-es-ito oon me-di-ko”

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