Most of the time Travelers end up spending more then they want to or estimated. The reason is not just that everybody is trying to make money out of the ‘innocent’ traveler, but also the ignorance to dig deeper or simply read the ‘Terms & Conditions’ to the end.

It’s a common known fact that Hotels and Airlines try to lure customers by low-balling prices & other expenses. Their marketing wing does a good job of making you believe that there can’t be a better deal!

Most Fees are not as we think ‘Hidden’ but disclosed somewhere in Small fonts on the site or the agreements. Let’s give credit to the Travel companies for putting them there and not duping travelers totally, at the same time Travelers need to do their Math too!

Here’s a List of 13 Common Travel costs that you didn’t know will come your way.

1. Some companies fail to disclose fees and taxes, or they will advertise a low price on one leg of the trip but charge a higher fare for the return trip.

2. Extra fees (don’t appear as part of base fare of ticket) have become parts of the deal when paying for airline travel. Virtually all carriers charge extra for some things; Check-in luggage, food are the usual ones, now add to it Toilet usage and carry on bags! Some airlines charge for reserved seats — even the middle seats — for a family that needs to sit together, it’s going to cost them more money.”

3. Cruises are another potential minefield for extra charges that add up. Shore excursions and alcohol are typically not included in the price.

4. Hotels, particularly upscale ones, are taking a page out of the airlines’ strategy book and charging a “resort fee” that can run from $10 to $25 a day. It might be explained as a payment for using the pool and gym, but it’s usually not optional.

5. Some hotels add fees for a second daily housekeeping visit or turndown services. Others will charge fees for checking out early — it can be nearly as costly as staying that last night.

6. Some hotels will offer a lower rate but make it nonrefundable — much like airlines do with their cheapest tickets.

7. Some vacationers wishing to avoid hotels are drawn to timeshares; one of the latest wrinkles in timeshare circles is the offer of mortgage relief. Unscrupulous operators will contact timeshare owners and tell them they’ve been defrauded by the developer, then offer to help them get out from under their payments and ownership of the timeshare — for a fee, of course. Experts say the offers of help are usually bogus. Timeshare owners can wind up with their credit ruined and owing more money to the developer.

8. The term “all-inclusive” by hotels and resorts is defined differently by different people. “‘All’ suggests that all activities, all food and beverages, the entire stay is part of a package price,” says Scott Berman, principal and U.S. industry leader of hospitality and leisure practice at PricewaterhouseCoopers. But many packages really are semi-inclusive. That means you could have to pay extra for certain requests, like top-shelf liquor, lobster for dinner or for motorized water sports.

9. At Beaches resorts, which calls itself a “luxury included family resort brand,” most activities are covered by the all-inclusive price, but there are additional charges for deep-sea fishing, spa treatments and off-property excursions

10. Find out if room service is included and if it’s a limited menu. It’s common for resorts to not offer room service, especially for the lower-priced packages.

11. Inclusive packages don’t necessarily include flights, and when they do, the departure city is often fairly close to the destination. An example would be a flight departing from Miami for the Caribbean, says Torres. That would mean a traveler coming from New York would have to pay extra. Also, when a promotion includes airfare, the price can change within a few hours, given the price volatility of airline seats.

12. Open Bars! Don’t get too happy. For most inclusives, excluding the high-end ones, there is a high chance that you are being poured gin and tonic, and not Tanqueray,” says Terry McCabe, senior vice president at Altour, a travel agency. And even if some premium brand liquors are available, variety isn’t always a priority since some clubs have contracts with that country’s distributors to serve the most popular local beer and wine at meals.

13. Also, if you plan to order top-shelf liquor, ask the resort what liquor is and isn’t included in your package price, since it’s possible that you could have to pay extra for certain brands

14.  Airlines pay online booking sites a commission for the tickets they sell — something they prefer not to do. While you can find helpful deals on the airlines’ sites, you should compare pricing there with what the other sites are offering. Also, travelers might find the lowest fare by booking two separate airlines for each leg of their trip, but they’re unlikely to be informed of that when they book a ticket on an airline’s site.

Excerpts from Eturbonews & Smartmoney