In the central Bangkok area of Rajaprasong the anti-government ‘red shirts’ are continuing their blockade occupying a make-shift camp of around 3 square kilometers. Government forces have sealed all roads around the camp and have started to crack down on the demonstrators. So far 35 people have been killed over the past 4 days during clashes between protesters and soldiers, who have been authorised to use live ammunition. Protesters have set tyres and some use Vehicles on fire and black smoke is covering the area.

Hotels in the Rajaprasong area are closed and these include: Central World, Four Seasons, Hyatt Erawan and Intercontinental. The Dusit Thani hotel will close for business and has forced all in-house guests to check out for safety reasons, after the hotel was hit by a grenade the previous evening.

The government had announced that Monday 17th May and Tuesday 18th May public holidays for schools and government offices. Most businesses around the capital are closed and people are staying home. The US, UK and Swiss Embassies are closed as they are located in the same area.

The government has set a deadline for protesters to evacuate their camp. The leaders of the red shirts have apparently fled the country already.

As the situation is getting more serious we would not advise travel to Bangkok at the moment. However tourists transitting in Bangkok to visit other parts of Thailand are completely safe. There is no danger in any other Thai resorts such as Samui, Phuket or Pattaya.