Here’s an interesting compilation of 14 funny yet ‘so true’ rules of air travel by Chris Anderson (of CNN). Read on.

1. First there’s the “don’t hog the whole arm rest we both paid for rule.” Though, there have known to be exceptions. Boomer Grigsby, sorry I fell asleep on your shoulder one flight. Boomer was a very large muscular man and hogged the whole arm rest, but he was pretty foxy. Free pass.

2. Please don’t use my seat to pull yourself up out of yours, shaking it violently as you struggle to gain balance. Use your armrests, turn your body a little, and you too can make it happen without causing a minor jolt at 30,000 feet and jerking my chair.

3. Pee before boarding. Seriously. Do it. That way you won’t have to make a beeline to the plane’s toilet as soon as you board, or jump out of your seat as soon as that flashing seat belt light turns off.

4. Don’t stop at the top of the escalator leading to a security line. If you do, then expect some quite unfriendly shoves from those coming up behind you. ‘Those’ meaning me. My elbows are sharp, I’ll use them. Maybe my knees if you’re on the phone. Think of me as the Angel of Airline Etiquette, always watching.

5. Do not, I repeat do not, talk on your cell phone in the security line. Nobody is that important, and more importantly you’re holding everybody else up, people that would actually like to get through the security checks before take-off.

6. When flying domestically, in or out of the United States, please just take your shoes off when going through security without asking people around you, “Do I need to take off my shoes?” Yes, you do. You need to. You really don’t need to ask.

7. Don’t wear shoe laces. They take forever to untie and re-tie while going through security. Slip on shoes are your God-given right to wear. Wear them.

8. Expert traveler lines are for expert travelers. If you have to question this or don’t know what I’m talking about, then you do not qualify as an expert traveler.

9. Step back from the baggage claim carousel. You’re only getting in the way. Only step up when you see your bag, otherwise you’re just one big blockage, hunting blind and preventing others from seeing their targets.

10. If you can’t lift your bag over your head and put it on top of your refrigerator, don’t bring it onto the plane. A fridge is nearly the same pitch and height as the overhead storage.

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