Encountering the unexpected is often a part of travel; ranging from the inconvenient toTravel Insurance a truly serious emergency. This year has already seen an onslaught of travel mishaps from the volcanic ash cloud over Europe to Haiti Earthquake to Thailand emergency. No Continent is being spared. All of which have put the tourists and travelers under despair, add to it the loss of time and money.

As people who have seen the world, most of us are afflicted with the ‘This can never happen to me’ syndrome. We often plan the best of trips but forget taking care of the part which reads – Things Can Go Wrong.

Recent travel mishaps are a wake up call to safeguard our lives and resources against anything that can go wrong while traveling.

Some Key happenings / reasons why Travel Insurance has become most important in today’s scenario –

Recent volcanic eruption – Ash clouds from the volcanic eruption in Iceland have caused flight delays in major European airports and flight cancellations. While most airports have recovered from the event and but are maintaining normal flight schedules, travel insurance provide travelers with coverage should they experience an upcoming travel disruption.

Terrorism & Civil disruption – Take recent violence & curfew in Bangkok or terror attacks in India or recent strikes in Nepal. Terrorism coverage protects your trip investment in case of a terrorist act in the city that is part of your itinerary. When a plan includes this coverage and you are eligible for it, you are protected if you need to cancel your trip or your trip gets interrupted.

Due to the recent earthquakes, snowstorms and other natural disasters like tsunami, hurricane Katrina it’s become more and more important to be cautious while traveling. Take for instance the plight of thousands of Tourists to Haiti & other parts of the Caribbean who were affected by the massive catastrophe. Isn’t this a good enough reason to think about safeguarding yourself before going to natural disaster prone regions? While buying insurance, be aware that most travel insurance policies don’t cover events related to natural disasters in progress or that have just happened. Even an approaching hurricane wouldn’t be covered but the exception to the rule is “Cancel for any Reason” coverage, a catch-all policy that is offered by many travel insurance companies, if purchased within certain days of an initial deposit payment, allows for cancellation of a trip without explanation.

The H1N1 virus has affected travelers in many ways. Trip cancellations, medical quarantines and health coverage concerns are all part of the thought process when planning a holiday or business trip. Imagine this.  You’ve finally departed for that two-week vacation you have been planning for months and you are looking forward to some relaxation and some fun.  But then something unexpected happens.  On the plane ride you are seated near someone who is coughing, and obviously ill.  You arrive at your destination and learn you are being quarantined. For several days you are forced to miss out on your vacation and remain in quarantine.  It’s one of the worst things that could happen to you on your trip.  And it’s also one of the best reasons travel insurance is such a great investment.

When families travel, there is always the risk that a sudden injury / illness or an adult will leave minor children without an attendant. In this case one of the family travel benefits, Escort for Minor can pay for the economy transport costs to return unattended children home, with an escort if necessary. The Emergency Reunion benefit provides reimbursement for travel and lodging expenses when the physician recommends that the Insured have a family member at their side during a medical transport.

Sudden death in the family – Say for instance, you have planned a dream vacation and spent lots of money and you are looking forward for your vacation and there happens a death in immediate family and now you cannot get refund for the trip due to restrictive cancellation policies. Imagine if you would have purchased travel insurance that could have saved lots of money.