Visiting India? Plan to Shop?

Well, get prepared to be charged exorbitant prices at most flea markets and shops, as a cost of not being the ‘Local’ or more precisely, the one with Dollars!

Image via CNNgo

Surely lot of cities in world are plagued by the bargaining business, but Indian shopkeepers have there own set of rules and courtesy’s when it comes to haggling.

It’s not like all shopkeepers in India want to trick you into raking out cash, but yes – considerable amount of them will. You need to beware. Never take a shopkeepers word on the first price. There will always be scope for going down. And incase there is not, you will find out automatically by his behavior.

Bargaining in Indian markets require a careful approach. There are several ways to get the shopkeeper to sell at a price that you are willing to pay but it requires certain tact & sound judgment at that point of time. For example – if the shopkeeper sees that spark in your eyes of totally flipping out on an item, no matter how much you haggle – he will win his case.

CNNGo recently came up with an interesting article on various ways to haggle in India. A compilation of 5 bargaining Strategies that will come in really handy on your visit to India

Strategy 1 – BEG

Strategy 2 – FIGHT

Strategy 3 – BLUFF

Strategy 4 – Be Unreasonable

Strategy 5 – Lay your cards down and take bargaining off the table

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