The monsoons are much awaited by one and all. They provide  long sought respite from the scorching heat of the summers; but the rainy season brings with it, its own set of problems and health hazards.

When traveling at such a time or caught in the rain in a foreign land (especially India) – here are few things one must follow to stay away from any health related problems.

  1. Since Rainy season is a feeding ground for Bacteria; eating anything which is uncooked is not advisable at all. The chances of having a infection are much higher through food which is raw, the fruits and vegetables need to be washed properly before they can be consumed.
  2. If you are traveling it is best to use bottled or boiled water to drink and also wash food products before consumption.
  3. The humidity level is high, therefore wear loose cotton clothes and use anti fungal talcum powder in areas that are prone to infection. Humidity and dampness can result in skin problems so take  bath twice a day and keep your self dry. Hair could also get sticky and itchy so use mild shampoo and wash hair more frequently.
  4. This is also the time when the mosquitoes will multiply, use a good mosquito repellent and stay away from areas where water has collected as these are the breeding ground of mosquitoes. You may want to consult the doctor and take the anti malaria drug for the prevention.
  5. Wash and dry the clothes properly. In case you are not able to dry them properly due to lack of space and sunlight, iron them well . This will take care of the dampness. Avoid walking through dirty water or areas where there is clogged water. Keep the feet and hair dry, avoid walking in to an air-conditioned room with wet hair or clothes. You could easily catch a cold otherwise.
  6. You need to have hot beverages to keep the body warm so that you do not catch a cold.
  7. Make sure you eat the right kind of nutritious food, maintain good hygiene and you will have no reason to worry at all. You will be able to enjoy the vacation even in the rains and make it a success.
  8. Without fail carry an Umbrella when you are going outside the house. If at all you get wet, it’s a good remedy to sip in some ginger or herbal tea and soak you feet in hot water (Not for too long though)