The 20Commonwealth Games 2010 India Logo10 Commonwealth Games are the 19th Commonwealth Games, and the 9th to be held under that name. The Games are scheduled to be held in Delhi, India between 3rd and 14th October 2010. The games will be the largest multi-sport event conducted to date in Delhi and India generally, which has previously hosted the Asian Games in 1951 and 1982.

The opening and closing ceremonies, will take place at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi, which will have a capacity of 75,000 spectators after renovation for the games.

Some Interesting Facts about Common Wealth Games 2010 India:

  • Commonwealth Games is the only multinational event in which the home nations of the United Kingdom – England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland – send separate teams to the Commonwealth Games unlike at Olympics.
  • The 2010 Commonwealth Games are going to be the most expensive Commonwealth Games ever and are going to cost the capital more than US $1.6 Billion Dollars. This does not include the amount that the capital has already spent on the infrastructure development in the city.
  • It has been estimated that over $1.94 Billion Dollars was spent on modernizing the Capital’s International Airport.
  • The 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games will be the first games ever to be recognized as “Green Commonwealth Games”.
  • The Queen’s Baton has been equipped with modern technologies such as GPS, Camera and SMS Functionality. This will prevent the baton from getting lost, allow the user to take pictures and also will send messages to the baton bearers throughout the day.
Common Wealth 2010 Mascot Shera
Mascot Shera

According to the estimates over 2.5million foreign tourists and 4.5 million domestic tourists are likely to arrive in Delhi on the eve of the commonwealth games. So it is no doubt that the event will be great hit for the India Tourism Industry. Along with that Indian hospitality, aviation and hotel industry will also be equally beneficial with the event.

Commonwealth Games will provide dual enjoyment to the tourists – first of all, it is an opportunity for tourists to be a part of the different sports activities and on the other they can enjoy great tourism in the country.

The most sought after Hub Spots for Tourism during the Common Wealth Games would be close by destinations like Jaipur, Agra (Taj Mahal), Varanasi, Jaisalmer, Rishikesh.

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