In recent years, the Great continent of Africa has been much talked about from discovery of first man’s origin from Africa to the latest World Cup. Though still a developing continent, the Travel Industry is rapidly growing with enhanced facilities and options for enthusiasts with world class trains, to hotels to general infrastructure.
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Africa’s natural history alone would make a dozen visits worthwhile – where else on earth can you fall asleep to the sound of lions roaring, or watch a million flamingos take off from the waters of a remote soda lake? Parts of Africa boast spectacular sceneries, but the essence of this incredible continent is not in any desert, mountain or lake. It is the spirit of the people – pushing, shoving, sweating, dancing, singing and laughing – that infects so many visitors with a travel bug so powerful they will continue to return, sometimes against all sense or reason.

Debate with venerable merchants among the cool, narrow streets of an Arabic medina, dance to the thumping reggae beats coming from a West African market stall, or shoot the breeze with fishermen under Indian Ocean palm trees, and you will be struck more than anything else by the honesty, warm-heartedness and vitality of the African people.

Some Interesting Facts about the Great Continent – Africa

  • Africa is the oldest inhabited region on Earth.
  • The largest Desert in the world, the Sahara is growing by about ½ a mile a month. Only three countries in the world are bigger than the Sahara Desert – Russia, Canada and China.
  • Sudan has twice as many Pyramids than Egypt
  • There are over 1,000 different languages in Africa.
  • Victoria Falls, located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe, is the largest waterfall in Africa. It is approximately, a mile in width and 355 feet in height.
  • One of the most interesting facts of the South Africa, is that it is home to the largest green canyon in the world – the Blyde River Canyon. The canyon also boasts about being the third largest canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon (United States) and Fish River Canyon (Namibia).
  • Approximately, 50 percent of the gold and diamonds produced in the world come from Africa alone, while the rest of the world accounts for the remaining 50 percent of the production of these valuables.
  • Africa is also the home to the longest river in the World, the Nile which runs for more or less 4,150 miles, before emptying itself in the vast ocean.

The entire continent is a gift to travelers all around the world. Some of the most famous and sought after options being:

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