The Philippines being an archipelago, offers countless of destinations to see, adventures to experience and activities to do.  The country is blessed with a rich environment – lush forests, tropical islands, white sand beaches, lakes, rivers, mountains and friendly, artistic and hardworking people who are always happy to welcome visitors and friends.  When you come for a visit, be sure to stay for along time so that you can enjoy the different exciting experiences that the country has in store for you.

Here is a list of ten things to do in the Philippines to help you plan and maximize your stay.  Do all ten for a unique and complete travel experience and a guaranteed and unforgettable vacation:

  1. See some sights
  2. Go on a beach holiday
  3. Dive in Asia’s best reefs
  4. Engage in  you favorite outdoor sport or activity
  5. Relax in a spa or have a traditional massage (hilot)
  6. Feast on unique culinary specialties
  7. Shopping in world-class malls and bargain centers
  8. Watch a performance of world-class artists
  9. Enjoy and unwind in the country’s unique nightlife
  10. Experience the country’s rich culture

Courtesy of Philippine Department of Tourism