Recently Bangkok has been marred by Heavy seasonal rains. A combination of factors such as the run-off from the North, the rise in water level in the major rivers and rivers overflowing their banks, and the release of water from upstream dams to prevent overflow has resulted in extensive flooding in many parts of the country. Although the situation has been easing out.

Bangkok is still safe from flood.  Water level in Chao Phya River, as usual during this time of the year, is quite high but does not flow into any residence areas, just brimful.

The Thai capital experienced only minor flooding along the Chao Phraya river as the city’s 77km-long flood-protection system held, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration said. More than 4 million sandbags were used to erect walls this week as a shield against runoffs from upper provinces that officials feared could inundate the capital..

Most flooded areas are in the agricultural and farmland in the remote areas.  Most tourist sites in general are safe and can be visited as normal.

Most tourist attractions in Ayuthaya can be visited.  A few roads around Ayuthaya today are flooded however they can be avoided by using other roads as alternative.  The local authorities have arranged sand blockades and water pumps.  Only Wat Chai Wattanaram Temple is the affected site which should be checked day by day as this is the lowest area in Ayuthaya and flood happens every year.

The same goes to Lopburi where the town is safe, flood is in the suburb areas.  Sand blockades and water pumps are used.

Pimai Historical Park, near Korat, is open to Visitors now.

Water from Chi River (north part of I-san) and Moon River (south part of I-san) flows from the west side of the region down to Mekong River which may possibly cause Ubon Rajathani and Warin Chamrab Provinces to get affected from high level water or flood.

Raining is forecast to be less and less in the north, central and northeast (I-san) of Thailand.  Heavy rain can be expected in the south, which is still normal during this time of the year.

Government and Local Authorities are on top of the situation taking care of the affected areas and people and ensure maximum safety for tourists.

Palace Tours wishes that all our clients enjoy their holiday time in Thailand, and practice normal caution and safety.