A New Tax is coming for tourists traveling to Barcelona & Catalonia from November.

Visitors will only have to pay between 50 cent and €2.50 per night, depending on the hotel category. However, they will only have to pay for the first 7 nights, as from the eighth night, no fees will be charged. Neither children nor teenagers up to age of 16 and people participating in social programmes will have to pay the tax. Furthermore, group reservations will only be charged the equivalent of two people; the rest will be excluded, no matter the number of people in the group. The symbolic tourist tax will be implemented on November 1st, leaving the summer-season without the tourist fee.

Barcelona will have a different rate from the rest of Catalonia. People staying in five-star hotels and cruise ships would pay €2.50 per night. Those staying in four-star hotels in Barcelona would pay €1.25 and in the rest of Catalonia €1 per night. The remaining hotel categories will be charged 75 cent per night in Barcelona and 50 cent in the rest of Catalonia.

All Palace Tours highlighted in our brochures and our website include all local taxes so no need to worry for our guests.