In response to the plans to liberalize the railway sector plans announced by the Government of Spain, the unions representing the railway sector announced a 24h strike at Renfe, Feve and ADIF on Aug.3.

The unions want to show their opposition to the plans to ensure competition by dividing the current public operator Renfe into 4 companies, one for each of the following segments: goods, passengers, maintenance and rolling stock.

Our Land tours and Luxury Train tours in Spain may be affected, but we will be doing the best we can to ensure that our customers reach their destinations and enjoy their trips.

Our aim is to provide our customers the best service possible and to do almost the impossible to carry on with the daily program. However, we will possibly be affected in same trams but will try to cover all of them with the bus so that the customers are affected the less possible.

We are doing our best, and we have already contacted our customers that will be in Spain during this period to inform them about these news and about the steps we have taken to ensure their journey.

We will keep you posted: