We receive many phone calls for inquires on the 5-night card for the Paradors. It looks like a great deal, and some people claim it must be too good to be true. Here is the breakdown of the 5-night card.

One 5-night card costs 540€

  • That means each night is about 108€
  • This price includes all taxes and fees
  • The rate include your room and 20% off set-menu meals

The card is valid for double occupancy

  • An additional adult/bed will incur a 40€ fee per night

There are some restrictions on the card

  • Some Paradors will add a surcharge to the rate
  • Some Paradors may not accept the rate

After you buy the 5-night card, reservations are made by calling the Parador you wish to stay in and booking a room through them.

You can purchase the card by calling 800-861-6120 or going onto www.paradorsofspain.com