When it comes to planning a trip to Europe, a huge concern is the currency exchange rate. In the past, the Euro has been strong against the US Dollar, making trips expensive for American travelers. However, as of today, the Euro’s value has fallen to a 3 year low. If you want your money to go further overseas, now is the time to invest in Euros. Be careful though… currency values fluctuate with little warning, so this opportunity may not last!

How you can take advantage of the Euro’s current exchange rate:

  • Book a trip now – You’re not the only one thinking of taking advantage of the Euro’s low exchange rate. Tours are going to fill up quickly, so if you want in, you’ll need to reserve your spot.
  • Pay in advance – Frustrated by sudden, unexpected price hikes? The Euro’s value might jump suddenly too, and nobody knows when it will happen. Even if a tour price itself does not change, it will cost you more if the Euro’s value increases. The only way to lock-in this value is to pay for your trip now. This way the tour company can purchase the Euros on your behalf and give you the best deals for your dollar.
  • Buy currency now – Whenever you travel, you’ll want spending money for food and souvenirs. Exchanging your local currency now will be a much better value than waiting until your departure date. Check with your bank and order some currency.

If you wait, US$ may not go as far in Europe as they can now. Make an investment now, and you’ll have a great value for your future excursion. We’ll handle the exchange rates and booking. In a few months, you’ll be on your dream trip that others wish they could afford.