A quick search reveals that there are hundreds of thousands of miles of railway tracks around the globe, meaning that there are countless trains operating at any given time that are ready to ferry passengers from one destination to another. This near-infinite network of track provides ample opportunity for luxury rail travelers to enjoy journeys in exotic locations, but also raises a question: With a world of opportunities to choose from, do luxury travelers have any options are truly peerless?

In a word, yes.

They have an option that combines the opulence of ancient royalty with the ingenuity of modern inventions. They have an option that traverses a country steeped in history and culture. They have an option that has been thrice crowned the greatest luxury train in the world. They have, namely, India’s Maharajas’ Express.

For the most luxurious accommodations on rail anywhere in the world, enjoy your stay in the Presidential Suite!
For the most luxurious accommodations on rail anywhere in the world, enjoy your stay in the Presidential Suite!

For the rail traveler interested in luxury and comfort, the Maharajas’ Express is unsurpassable. Passengers can enjoy the creature comforts available on most luxury rail journeys–specialty cuisine, a full bar, capacious rooms. But the Maharajas’ Express excels not because of how well it replicates the standard, but because of how it innovates. As opposed to trains like the Palace on Wheels, the Maharajas’ Express offers four categories of cabin including deluxe, junior suite, full suite, and the presidential suite, the latter of which is unprecedented in the level of majesty and comfort it affords its guests.

Also, unlike other luxury trains, each room on board the Maharajas’ has its own temperature controls, allowing passengers to personalize their comfort, and the train’s state-of-the-art pneumatic system allows for a smooth journey and is the first of its kind in the world. Indeed, the Maharajas’ Express lives up to its namesake as it rolls out the royal treatment.

Beyond the pleasures of the Maharajas’ Express’ accommodations, the cities she visits and the country she traverses have no counterpart across the globe. Where else on the planet, aside from India, can travelers so easily jump from deserts to jungles, from mountaintops to riverbeds? Where else can they witness the monuments and relics of thousands of years of history, such as the ancient ruins of Fatephur Sikir, and experience some of the richest cultures in the world, like in the thriving, contemporary city of Mumbai? From the panoramic windows of her carriages–another innovation–the Maharajas’ showcases India as she was meant to be seen, from the pristine landscapes and landmarks and with stops at a number of key destinations, like the Taj Mahal the River Ganges, that are sure to leave travelers breathless.

And awards do speak for themselves: Since 2012, the Maharajas’ Express has been awarded “The World’s Leading Luxury Train” in recognition of its commitment to excellence and consistently high-quality, awe-inspiring expeditions across India, which nicely rounds out the train’s already impressive resume.

For rail travelers, the question of where to turn for the best journey isn’t much of a question anymore. Now, rather than even ask, travelers simply turn to the world’s only unparalleled luxury train. They turn to the Maharajas’ Express.

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