Even for the most luxurious train in the world, India simply has too much to offer for a traveler to soak everything in during just one visit to the subcontinent. That is why the Maharajas’ Express offers up to five different rail tours, or itineraries, of India. Now, the Maharajas’ Express puts the power in the hands of its clients to decide how to enjoy their trip.

Of course, while any itinerary will beget unforgettable memories and once in a lifetime experiences, each traveler brings a unique set of interests to the table. Perhaps someone prefers a quick four-day tour of India’s Golden Triangle. Maybe someone else wants to be immersed in a week-long excursion that puts nearly all of India’s greatest glories on display.

In honor of their new position as a preferred sales agent of the Maharajas’ Express, Palace Tours wants to help identify the itinerary that’s best for you.

A map of the itinerary,
A map of the itinerary, “The Indian Splendor.”

For the Maharajas’ Express-goer looking forward to eight days and seven nights of luxury and amazement, “The Indian Splendor” is a great place to start. On this tour, experience the wonders of India like a true maharaja. Witness the modern, bustling cities like Dehli, Jaipur, and Mumbai, the teeming wildlife at Ranthambore National Park, and the historical forts, palaces, and more at sites like Agra that make this nation so fascinating. This journey is perfect for a first-time visitor who wants to dive headfirst into the land of India!

A map of the route taken by both the
A map of the route taken by both the “Treasures of India” and the “Gems of India” expeditions!

For a traveler who is just as eager to explore India but that can’t dedicate a week to do so, the “Treasures of India” or the “Gems of India” tours are perfect options. For four days and three nights, go on a whirlwind tour of Ranthambore National Park, as well as Dehli, Agra, and Jaipur, known as India’s Golden Triangle. These trips do a fantastic job distilling the hallmarks of India into a brief snapshot. For a quick trip that will take you from jungles to cities and from modern to ancient times, look no further than these tours.

A map of the journey taken by
A map of the journey taken by “The Indian Panorama.”

As the name suggests, “The Indian Panorama” journey provides visitors an unbroken view of India’s history and her major religions. From ancient temples at Khajuraho to Islamic ruins in Fatephur Sikri to the cradle of Hindu civilization in Varanasi along the River Ganges, this trip leaves nothing out over the span of eight days and seven nights. For those travelers who want to seek enlightenment by walking the same steps as the Buddha at Sarnath or to see the crossroads of cultures and empires, be sure to book a trip for “The Indian Panorama” and experience all of India’s mystical offerings.

“The Indian Heritage” travels to eight cities as part of its itinerary!

The cultures of India are like no others in the world. Visitors who want to spend a week immersing themselves in the cultures should definitely go exploring on “The Indian Heritage” expedition and get lost in the rich histories and lifestyles of the subcontinent and its people. As an introduction, gaze at the art of the Ajanta Caves painted several thousand years in the past, walk amongst the ruins of ancient and once-proud empires like the Mehrangarh Fort at Jodhpur, and enjoy the marvels of modern day India in her splendid cities, like the lake city of Udaipur. Don’t pass up the opportunity to take in India’s cultural heritage!

With so much to choose from, making a decision might be difficult. Good luck choosing the itinerary that’s best for you, but remember: With the Maharajas’ Express, no matter what, there are no bad decisions!

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