When you go abroad, remember to make sure that the currency you use at home is accepted in your destination!
When you go abroad, remember to make sure that the currency you use at home is accepted in your destination!

You might’ve heard it said that money makes the world go round. Well, before we say whether or not we agree, we’d first like to ask–what type of money? Dollars? Rupees? Euros?

When talking about money outside of one particular country, it’s important to remember that there might be other currencies in the mix. This is especially true for international travel, when the money in your wallet may become a lot less valuable as soon as your flight lands.

With a few exceptions, each country in the world uses its own currency that will, more than likely, differ from what you use at home. So if you’re getting ready for a vacation that will take you out of the country, make sure you know what the national or accepted currency is in your destination; if you’re from the U.S., greenbacks will take care of you in most places around the world–but not all.

If it turns out that the money in your wallet isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on where you’re going, don’t worry–you can exchange your money into the appropriate currency before you leave. In other words, if you’re going to India, you can change your dollars into rupees before your trip begins so that you already have a little money in your pocket. It might be a good idea convert your cash before you leave so that you can protect yourself against awkward situations when you arrive.

And be ready for changes to that exchange rate. If you exchange currency when foreign currency is low against the dollar but don’t check up on it again, you might be surprised to find out, in this scary example, that the exchange rate has changed and the money you thought would last you through your trip is now only enough for a few days.

So, before you go on your next international vacation, check and see whether or not the money you carry makes the world go round in the place your traveling to: Remember to exchange your currency ahead of time!

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