Dealing with an unexpected taxi strike could mean big problems for your vacation. Protect yourself against these surprises by following the news from your destination!
Dealing with an unexpected taxi strike could mean big problems for your vacation. Protect yourself against these surprises by following the news from your destination!

If you’ve got a vacation coming up, you’ve probably got a picture in your mind of exactly what you want to find when arrive in your destination: White sand beaches and tall palm trees. Clear blue skies. A hotel with a view.

As pleasant as this picture might be, in reality, your destination doesn’t exist in freeze-frame. The beaches and the hotels don’t simply wait motionless for you to arrive before coming to life. Not to sound obvious, but things happen there–things that might have a very real effect on your vacation.

Since your vacation isn’t in a postcard frozen in time, before you depart, you’ll want to make sure that you stay current with the news and current events of your destination so that you can be aware of any important goings-on; this is especially true of international travel.

When checking in on your destination, a key thing to look into is whether or not there are any health advisories so that you can take the necessary medical precautions before you travel.

You’ll also want to keep an eye on political news, as this might affect the prices or availability of services wherever you’re going. For example, if you discover on the first day of your vacation that you’ve arrived in the middle of a taxi strike, you’ll have a hard time getting anywhere beyond a flew blocks of your hotel, whereas if you had known about the strike ahead of time, you could’ve made arrangements for a private car.

Also, make sure to check in with your hotel and any leisure sites you plan on visiting. Is the hotel undergoing construction? Are the mountains you wanted to hike through experiencing some intense volcanic activity? These are some important questions that could mean the difference between a great vacation and a week of headaches.

Of course, no matter how far in advance you read the news about where you’re going, you can’t always prepare for everything; for these situations, we strongly recommend you purchase traveler’s insurance to add another layer of protection. For more information on traveler’s insurance, you can read our blog post here.

At Palace Tours, we make it a priority to keep you well informed of the current events in each of the many destinations we offer. We have local offices around the world, from India to Ecuador, which gives us an edge and a stronger capacity to look out for our clients’ interests by learning about news on the ground as it happens, even when it’s happening in a different hemisphere. We receive plenty of information that we pass on to our clients via our blog and website, Facebook page, and even by direct outreach. And, if any of our clients ever have a question, they’re more than welcome to call or email us for answers, making us a great resource and the perfect agency to book with.

So on your next vacation, don’t wait until after you arrive at the airport to realize that there is a flu epidemic or that the beaches are closed to tourists. Before you leave, check the news for your destination so that you can be prepared and make arrangements ahead of time.

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