Ask any family and they will tell you that they enjoy a luxury family holiday as much as others and trains are a big hit with their children. This is where a luxury train tour comes into play as it combines elements that appeal to both parents and children. It importantly allows a family to enjoy daily tours to monuments, palaces, theme parks, castles, and even allows time for rest and relaxation in the midst of ever changing scenery. With luxury train tours becoming increasingly family friendly, here is some of the information you should know before embarking on one.

Kid friendly locations

Touring important cities where parents and children can have fun and be inspired is an important aspect of a luxury family holiday. So it is no surprise that several such tours include trips to beautiful monuments like the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. With its beautiful spires and fantastical architectural elements, this Basilica is one of many child friendly attractions in the city. It also provides a unique opportunity for people from every age group to marvel at the finer architectural details that have been incorporated into it since its construction started in 1882.  In addition, cities like Barcelona have several other attractive destinations for families including the La Pedrera building where puppet performances are frequently held.

Adventures on a luxury family holiday

Trekking to locations like Machu Picchu in Peru, and visiting cacao plantations for chocolate tasting sessions in Ecuador are just some of the activities that are included in luxury train tours. Such a luxury family holiday also provides a unique opportunity for children to experience indigenous food onboard the train. Then as they step off they can go on day tours to UNESCO World Heritage Sites where they can learn about local customs, the history associated with the place and explore to their heart’s content.  Parents also get a unique opportunity to explore along with their children in a family friendly environment.  Importantly, a holiday on a luxury train does not limit families to one particular activity, and instead there are several such as relaxing on beaches, exploring sand dunes in deserts and going on a safari to view tigers.

Limited hassles on a luxury family holiday

Packing and unpacking can be a major hassle when you have kids along, but this is one aspect you do not have to worry about while on a luxury family holiday onboard a train. Here once you arrive within the four walls of your suite you never have to bother about carrying your luggage until it is time to disembark at the end of your tour when Porterage service is often provided free of cost. Most luxury trains like the Maharaja Express also provide passengers with round the clock valet service when its Presidential Suite is booked for a four member family.

Comfortable and relaxing atmosphere

A luxury family holiday only works if the suite or rooms available for the family have the right ambience for children and parents. Keeping this in mind all luxury trains come with several child friendly features. So whether a family is within their suite consisting of two bedrooms, two en suite bathrooms and a living room or just hanging out in the common lounge they get ample opportunity to rest and relax. Children can make use of Wi-Fi internet to browse the internet within the suite, or just watch satellite TV shows with their parents while they journey to their next destination. In common areas such as lounges, families can indulge in a number of board games available of just browse through magazines and books.

Luxury family holidays on trains include special rates for children

Traditionally railways offer cheaper rates for children, and the same is true for a luxury family holiday on a train. In fact onboard luxury trains like the Maharaja Express those aged below five years can travel for free in the same cabin with their parent and share a bed. However, policies often differ when it comes to such trains and sometimes infants and children under five have to pay 10 percent of the adult tariff while those between the ages of five and twelve pay half the adult fare.

Enjoy nature from a unique perspective

Nature’s bounty can be enjoyed from a unique perspective when onboard a train for a luxury family holiday because every sight and sound can be experienced firsthand. So whether you are travelling through the Devil’s Nose railway section with its hair pin bends on board the Tren Crucero luxury train in Ecuador, or journeying on the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels train towards a tiger safari in Ranthambore National Park your family is guaranteed a unique experience.

Dining experience tailored for a family’s needs

Whether your children have special dietary needs or prefer certain dishes over others, all these and many more requests can be handled when you are on a luxury family holiday on a train. Here train managers and chefs can be contacted in advance to design special menus so that the needs of your family are met.

Creating a special luxury family holiday onboard a train starts with choosing and booking a tour. Contact our sales team if you want to discover which luxury tour best suits your family’s needs.