Savoring food and wine in the many luxury restaurants in Ecuador, is one of the best ways to experience the textures and flavors that dominate the country’s cuisine. Especially if you are enjoying a luxury Ecuador tour in you will get ample time to experience the best food in each city. So if you are planning a trip on the Tren Crucero luxury train from Quito to Guayaquil, don’t forget to sample the cuisine at the luxury restaurants in Ecuador listed below.

Unique luxury restaurants in Ecuador

Dios No Muere

Experiencing the best cuisine that Ecuador has to offer does not mean that you have to head to expensive restaurants. In fact luxury restaurants in Ecuador could be small enterprises dishing out the best food and organic coffee just next to the Santa Catalina monastery in Quito. One such is the Dios No Muere that is famous in the city for its succulent meat that is either picked from the best in the region or imported. Here if you are itching for a taste of Cajun cuisine you can opt for the Po Boy sandwiches, yucca fries, jambalaya or just sample the parrillada which is composed of local Ecuadorian sausages and a bevy of different local meat.

El Gringo y La Gorda

As you make you way to city of Latacunga to board the Tren Crucero train and start your luxury Ecuador tour you can stop off at one of the many unique luxury restaurants it the city. One such is the El Gringo y La Gorda where you will find yourself in the midst of a heritage building that is over 400 years old and has a lovely fountain in its courtyard. Here the décor and food is rustic in nature, and you can sample hot wines created from recipes handed down by family members and also several vegetarian dishes.

Casa Gangotena

Alternatively if you want to visit luxury restaurants in Ecuador that are based in renovated heritage buildings, stop off at the Casa Gangotena in Quito. Located within the walls of this unique building, your luxury Ecuador tour will improve considerably as soon as you step into the restaurant. Here you will find a variety of dishes that are popular in the country and each is blended with modern elements to provide a true gastronomical delight. What makes this one of the best luxury restaurants in Ecuador is that it has offers over 100 different wine labels for guests. It also allows customers to sample a high tea in the afternoon where hot chocolate, coffee and herbal teas as available to wash down sandwiches and other snacks.

Luxury restaurants in Ecuador specializing in seafood


Zazu in Quito is one of the best luxury restaurants in Ecuador and it features dishes churned out by Chef Rafael Perez. Zazu importantly is where you can indulge in a wide range of Pisco Sour cocktails and also sample dishes that incorporate the best meat and fish in the region. Lobster season in the country sees the shell fish occupy pride of place in the menu, and the chef incorporates it into the risotto and even offers a fresh fried tempura. As many a luxury Ecuador tour stops or starts from the city, tourists find time in their schedule to stop here and try out the snow crab Ceviche.

Embarcadero 41

In Guayaquil, all roads lead to Embarcadero 41 when it comes to seafood and it is frequently ranked among the top luxury restaurants in Ecuador and the city. Among the standouts when it comes to seafood is the Ceviche of which there are two varieties, a classic version and another composed of black mussels and topped off with claws of the stone crab. For those who do not prefer seafood, there are a lot of other offerings on the menu including dishes featuring duck, tenderloin beef and pasta. The menu here also offers a number of red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot which can pair easily with several offerings on the menu, to provide you with an outstanding dining experience during your luxury Ecuador tour.

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