The best of Quito, Ecuador whether it be its monuments, sights and restaurants are increasingly well known thanks its burgeoning luxury tour sector. Added to this, the city has a number of grand churches, monasteries and a monument marking the equator all of which go to making it a tourist’s paradise. Also with the influx of tourists from various countries, have come a number of world class restaurants featuring a variety of cuisines. So while you are on a luxury tour in Quito and enjoying its sights and monuments listed below, you are always close to the best food and wine.

The Best of Quito’s monuments

No luxury tour in Quito is complete if you do not visit the church La Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus, which has a beautiful nave that is covered with several tons of gold leaf and intricate carvings. Here a small fee will get you into the church which is considered to be the best of Quito and the country and combines various architectural styles including Baroque. The church importantly lies just next to the Plaza Grande which forms part of the historic center of the city, and contains various other important monuments like the La Catedral Metropolitana. The Catedral was built along the Gothic-Mudéjar architectural style with a striking entrance called the “Arch of Carondelet” which has a transept dome.

Another important church in the old portion of the city and one of the best of Quito is the Basílica del Voto Nacional. With a unique neo-Gothic architectural style used in its construction it has gargoyles positioned around its exterior, and these are a visual treat as they are modeled on pumas, tortoises, penguins and other indigenous creatures.  The old town portion is also ranked as one of the must see areas and the best of Quito, as it has a number of beautiful buildings that have been painstakingly preserved.

The best of Quito’s monuments also includes the La Mitad del Mundo which translates to “Middle Earth” and marks the place where the equator runs. The monument consists of a globe positioned on top of a tower and you walk to the top of it. Located just outside the city, this monument is an important stop on a luxury tour in Quito. After paying a modest entrance fee you enter and jump across the yellow line that marks the equator. Here the favorite occupation of visitors is to stand in the two hemispheres of the earth and take pictures to document the occasion. However, you can also check the real equator, which was discovered via GPS and lies about 240 meters away from the monument.

If however, you want to witness some of the best of Quito’s art you cannot go wrong with a visit to the La Capilla Del Hombre. Here at the chapel created by the contemporary artist Oswaldo Guayasamin you can gaze at some of his artwork that is dedicated to mankind and the poor of the country.


The very best of Quito’s restaurants

You can’t go very far in the city without coming across some of the best of Quito’s restaurants and here you do not have to restrict yourself choosing from one cuisine. However, if you want to try the local cuisine, stop at Fried Bananas. Many of the items on the menu contain bananas but seafood Ceviche and other dishes are also available, and you can grab a quick bite as you proceed on a tour of the best of Quito’s sights.

No luxury tour in Quito is ever complete without a visit to the Chez Jerome restaurant. Consistently rated as one of the best of Quito, this restaurant’s mainstay is its authentic French cuisine and it is also famous for its rich desserts. Here the selection of wine and champagne is exhaustive so you will always find the right wine to pair with your main course or dessert.

The best of Quito’s sights

The rich landscape surrounding the city, means a short tour from it exponentially expands the number of places that are considered as the best of Quito’s sights. Among the several tours on offer are short overnight ones that will take you to nearby attractions like the Cotopaxi National Park which is dominated by the Cotopaxi volcano and also the Limpiopungo lagoon that was created by glaciers. As you pass through the national park either on horseback or via a tour on the Tren Crucero luxury train, you can view the majestic landscape that is crisscrossed with the remnants of volcanic activity and streaks of red lava.

Within the city however, one of best of Quito’s sights is the Itchimbia Parque which as it names denotes is a park. It extends over 54 hectares and boasts of an impressive cultural centre in its middle that is constructed from glass and steel.

There are also a number of forest reserves that lie around the capital such as the Maquipucuna Cloud Forest Reserve, and these make up some of the best of Quito’s sights. With an hour you can make your way to the reserve that is located in a rain forest and here you can partake in a number of activities like hiking and bird watching.

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