Luxury Travel in Colombia

Considering traveling to Colombia but don’t know what the country has to offer? Then it’s time you looked at our list of the ten best places to visit on a luxury tour of Colombia.


Luxury Travel in ColombiaLuxury travel in Colombia is not complete without a visit to  Cartagena, where you will find a multitude of colorful landmarks, fancy restaurants, and historical sites. Here you can start by exploring the walled city, a UNESCO World Heritage site, along with the convents, churches, and the San Felipe de Barajas fortress within the city. You can round off your trip with a visit to a restaurant to sample the fresh seafood on offer, or walk through the streets while checking out the types of arepas available.

Coffee Triangle

Luxury Travel in ColombiaThe aroma of fresh brews will draw you to the fine Colombia coffee varieties- which are some of the best in the world. Luxury travel in Colombia is designed around coffee found in the Coffee Triangle that extends over the cities of Armenia, Manizales and Pereira. Heading to a city like Armenia will give you time to see how coffee is grown, harvested, and treated until it is converted into brews.

Tayrona National Park

Heading to Tayrona National Park is a treat if you are on a tour of Colombia, as the area has glorious beaches that are situated in deep secluded bays. Here a luxury tour will give you a chance to go swimming, snorkeling, explore the ruins that lie nearby, or just spend time in the cloud forests of the area.

San Agustin

Luxury Travel in Colombia

Archaeological treasures await you at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in San Agustin, where you will find many graves dating from the pre-Incan period. Here exquisite stone sculptures modeled after smiling and frowning humans, snakes, birds, jaguars, and other mythical creatures stand guard over the area’s necropolis which is considered one of the biggest in the world.


Filled with white walled buildings, the colonial city of Popayan is a must see in Colombia. Here you will find quaint buildings bordering streets that have been used for centuries, and you can visit the Natural History Museum-considered one of the best in the region. Finally you must go to the hot springs which are famous in the area.


Luxury Travel in Colombia
Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira

Taking a train to the town of Zipaquira is a great way to see the region and experience a unique trip. Once you reach the town you can head to the unique Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira. In this church, which located about 200 meters underground, you will be able to learn more about its now closed historic old portion, and how a new section was created within the mountain in 1995. Icons, statues, and other religious artifacts created from halite and marble will keep you spell-bound as your make your way through this church that is renowned for its interplay of salt and light.

Lake Guatavita

Discover the story that inspired the legend of the golden city of El Dorado when you head to Lake Guatavita. This lake, which is actually formed in a giant sinkhole, has been venerated for centuries by the Muisca tribe. Here you will learn how an offering of gold and precious stones-thrown into the lake by the leader of the tribe-led to the formation of the El Dorado myth.


Luxury Travel in Colombia
Monserrate hill overlooking Bogota

Filled with history, modern buildings, and much more, the capital of Colombia is a treat. While visiting this city you can learn more about the locals in the huge food market, and then head to the Cathedral of Bogota and other interesting localities like Monserrate hill. You can learn more about the El Dorado myth at the Gold museum, before going to the La Candelaria area and visiting its museums. In this city don’t forget to indulge in the hearty Bandeja Paisa meal and get a taste of the country.

Luxury Travel in Colombia
Gold Museum in Bogota

Cocora Valley

Visiting Cocora Valley and gazing up at giant wax palm trees is a humbling experience during your luxury travel of Colombia. These trees, which are the national tree of the country, will leave you spell-bound by their size. In this area of the country, the cuisine is as awe inspiring as the trees, and you can try out fresh caught fish that has been smoked and served up on plantain fritters (Patacones) for lunch.

Coffee tasting in a plantation

Many of the world’s best coffee brews come from this country, and luxury travel in Colombia is never complete without a coffee tasting experience. Guides will lead you through the process of finding your perfect brew. You will leave the country with a new understanding and taste for fine coffee.

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