Touring Spain by train Discovering the Spanish heartland with its many regions is by and large effortless if you are touring Spain by train. To help you have an interesting and fun journey, we have created a nifty railway guide that outlines how you can easily get to the starting points of luxury train tours in Spain.

Touring Spain by train starts at stations in Madrid

Touring Spain by train
Commuter (Cercanias) trains

Planning is essential if you want to have a wonderful luxury train tour in Spain and it should start from the moment you land in Madrid airport. At the airport there are five terminals, and you might need to travel between them to find the right transportation into the city of Madrid.  Importantly, to travel between terminals 1, 2 and 3 which are grouped together and the newer terminals 4 and 4S, you can make use of free shuttles.

If, however, you are touring Spain by train, you might prefer to start your journey from the airport to the city of Madrid on the Metro or Cercanias trains which will get you to Atocha and Madrid Chamartín stations. This is what you need to know about riding the Metro and Cercanias trains from the airport:

Metro trains: They pass through all the terminals of the airport but they do not run directly to Atocha and Chamartín stations and you will have to take a connecting train at Nuevos Ministerios station.

Cercanias trains: Renfe Cercanias trains run from terminal 4 of Madrid Airport and you can get to Atocha and Chamartín stations directly. If you already have a Renfe ticket for a train that starts at Atocha or Chamartín stations you will have a code named “Combinado Cercanias” on it. Once you enter this code into the machines that sell train tickets at the airport you can get a free ticket for your trip to Atocha or Chamartín stations.

Alternatively, many prefer to take the Express bus from the airport to Atocha or Chamartín stations as it is cheap and leaves from all terminals.

More about Atocha train station and its trains

At the Atocha railway station you will find that many different types of trains pass through it and it is an important junction if you are touring Spain by train. Here there are different platforms for commuter (Cercanias) trains and they arrive and leave at the Atocha-Cercanias station. However if you are touring Spain by train on high speed AVE you will have to head to the main (Puerta de Atocha) station that is reserved for them.

At the Atocha train station, if you have a First Class ticket you can head to the Sala Club in the Renfe Zone to rest and relax while you wait for your train to Santiago de Compostela or Seville. To get on the trains operated by Renfe you need to book in advance as you need a reserved seat before you board. Since you cannot buy a seat after you have boarded the train we recommend that you contact us if you need help booking tickets. AVE high speed trains usually travel between major cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville and if you want a comfortable journey with access to great amenities and meals you should book tickets on these trains. Booking tickets in advance for trains gives you an overview of the facilities onboard and you can easily make informed decisions about what type of train you want to travel on.

Touring Spain by train
High speed AVE trains

More about Chamartín train station

When you are touring Spain by train, you will find that some trains to the north and east of the country exclusively leave from Chamartín station. This station is modern and is quite similar to Atocha station. It lies about six kilometers away from the international airport and even has a hotel and a level that caters specifically to metro trains. You can also travel between Atocha and Chamartín stations after buying tickets using the self service machines available. The journey between these two stations via Cercanias trains takes around 15 minutes but you can also get onto Metro trains if you want to. There is a Sala Club (first class lounge) at this station and if you are traveling on Preferente class tickets you can make use of it. At the club you can get complimentary beverages, juice and beer.

Getting to the starting point of your luxury train tour in Spain

El Transcantabrico
El Transcantabrico

Once you are onboard the correct train and on your way to the starting point of your luxury train tour in Spain you are well on your way to having a great trip. Here are some of the trips that you can avail off to get to the starting point of your luxury train tour in Spain.

Madrid-Puerta de Atocha to Sevilla Santa Justa

Madrid-Puerta de Atocha (or Madrid-Chamartin) to San Sebastian

Madrid-Chamartin (or Puerta de Atocha) to Santiago de Compostela

Madrid-Chamartin (or Puerta de Atocha) to Leon

Luxury train tours in Spain get you a lot of perks, along with access to first class lounges at railway stations. So contact Palace Tours if you want to get the best rates to help you start and end your luxury train tour through Spain in style.