Eastern Europe train vacations

Heading out on a luxury train trip through Eastern Europe is a wonderful and convenient way to see the countries in the area, and there are several lovely tours that cover the region. We’ve highlighted the best European train vacations below, and described how these tours provide a stunning insight into Eastern part of the continent.

Eastern European Treasures

A premier offering among Eastern Europe train vacations is the Treasures of Eastern Europe trip where you will experience 14 days of wonder. On this trip you travel on board the Golden Eagle Danube Express as it makes its way through the prestigious cities in the region, starting in Venice. You can live the life of a romantic in this city and even travel on a gondola while you check out the famous masks on offer.

Brandenburg Gate

When it comes to Eastern Europe train vacations, this particular tour is special as it gives you a chance to see the modern splendors that define Berlin. Here, the tumultuous history of the city and its division after World War II is still evident. Other cities and towns that you visit during this tour have buildings that date from the medieval period, such as Prague Castle. As the journey ends you will find yourself in Budapest discovering both its old and new quarters and even visiting the Royal Palace. On this exquisite trip you will see the best of Eastern Europe including Austria, Hungary, Poland, and even hop over the border into Russia.

Standout experiences

  • Relive the partition of Germany at the Brandenburg Gate
  • Learn about Jewish history at the Schindler factory and Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp
  • Festetics Palace in Hungary and the Doge’s Palace is Venice will impress you with their luxury
Festetics Palace - Hungary
Festetics Palace – Hungary

An Odyssey through the Balkans

Winding through the Balkans is a pleasure when you are on the Balkan Odyssey luxury train tour. Each location that you visit on this trip adds a new facet to the journey, and you will be enchanted with them from the moment you start in Budapest. As you pass through Romania you can explore the town where, according to legend, Dracula was born. Then you can even head to his hideout Bran Castle before traversing the famous Carpathian Mountains. As you pass through Belgrade, Mostar, and Sarajevo you will come face to face with the remnants of the Ottoman Empire and see how the scars of the 1992-1996 conflict still linger. Finally, as this trip ends in Venice you can discover the many secrets of the water bound city which is threatened by the ever rising waters of Adriatic.

Venice – St Mark’s Basilica

Standout experiences

  • Spend time checking out the city of Mostar and its impressive arch bridge
  • Bloodthirsty stories surrounding Dracula will keep you on your toes as you visit Bran Castle

Indulge in Balkan Exploration

Starigrad Plain in Croatia

The Balkan Explorer luxury train tour takes you on an exhilarating journey from Venice to Istanbul. On this tour you will travel from the western part of Europe in Italy until you reach the gateway to the east in Istanbul. Each stop on this tour, whether you are in Venice or in Sarajevo, will provide you with a glance into the region’s history. You will also feel the reverberations from conflicts and wars that have left their mark in the monuments, and see how religion has shaped the people in the region.

Here you will also learn about the amazing resilience of cities like stately Dubrovnik in Croatia, which have survived since their foundation and are filled with spectacular buildings and historic sites. Finally as you arrive in Istanbul you will see that this iconic city in Turkey is a splendid blend of the east and west and you will never get tired of visiting its attractions.

Hagia Sophia - Istanbul
Hagia Sophia – Istanbul

Standout experiences

  • Hagia Sophia with its rich and varied history and brilliant Turkish mosaics will enchant you in Istanbul
  • Dip you toes into Greece as you visit ancient attractions at Thessaloniki

Luxurious Eastern Europe train vacations are easy to plan, and are truly unique experiences. Contact Palace Tours if you want tours crafted with care and passion that will take you to the best that this corner of the continent has to offer.