Say you are a professional businessperson. You understand the importance of impressing your current clients, potential clients, investors, coworkers, and superiors to get ahead. In your field, there is a high premium on quality and attention to detail. Your reputation hinges on providing an experience, or product, that stands apart from the rest, each and every time.

Maybe you need to plan a business trip, or take your exclusive clientele on the excursion of a lifetime as a way of showing thanks. Maybe you wish to do the same for your investors to demonstrate the high standards you set for yourself, and what you expect from others in return.

All the qualities you wish to demonstrate as a professional are also reflected in the experience on board the luxurious Royal Scotsman train. If you really wish to leave a lasting impression for years to come, try chartering this elegant train for a private tour of Scotland.

It’s no secret that businesspeople enjoy their outings on the golf course, so why not bring a cadre of professional colleagues to some of the world’s best rated courses in Scotland? Now, through Palace Tours, you may book the Scottish Golf Tour, for an exclusive five-day excursion on board the Royal Scotsman.

Golf course with amazing clouds

Booking this journey may just be the best decision you make in your career. Apart from all the luxuries and unsurpassed moments you savor along the way, the dividends from this one investment will be huge if you wish to leave others with a strong impression of you.  

Your trip begins in the beautiful Scottish capital of Edinburgh. On the first leg of your journey, the Royal Scotsman is on the move, passing quaint towns before concluding the day in the Scottish Highlands. You and your colleagues will be relieved to find Scotsman stops at night, often in the middle of nowhere, just to provide your party with a sound night’s rest.

Panoramic view of Edinburgh castle from Calton Hill, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Following afternoon tea the next day, your group hits the teeing grounds of Tain Golf Club. After the rounds, you will enjoy lunch over rich mahogany tables in the clubhouse, overlooking the green links course. The next day’s excursion brings you to another established links course at Castle Stuart, where the Scottish Open was hosted from 2011-2013.

At night, your party will enjoy top-notch dining on board the train. Scottish salmon topped with creamy dill sauce, Aberdeen Angus beef with caramelized shallots, and pan- seared scallops are just a few of the fresh, locally sourced items you will relish. With your cocktail in hand, local entertainment lends greater cultural authenticity to the trip as you unwind in the Scotsman’s posh observation car.


As you look out across the comfortable communal space, you realize that your party is fully immersed in this unique experience- everyone thrilled to the utmost to be here. Even your most stern, hard-nosed colleague has traded in his suit for a tailor-made kilt, and is jauntily taking part in the levity of this moment. As good as the trip has been thus far, tomorrow is going to be even better.   

Following breakfast on board the Scotsman, your party arrives at Trump International Golf Club in Aberdeen to play on the championship course. When you spend the day playing at such a renowned golf course, the time is certain not to end up in the rough. By evening, the Scotsman has moved southward to the city of Dundee for dinner, entertainment, and rest.      

The journey concludes with a wrap through the historic eastern county of Fife. Here, the ancient game of golf claims its origins alongside the historic University of St. Andrews. Finally, Scotsman concludes in Edinburgh where the adventure all began. The private party you invited will retain memories of this impressive, luxury journey long after you return home. The culture and sights they have experienced are a refreshing break from the board room at the office. And furthermore, the magnificent sights they drank in at the golf ranges were among the best in the world.  

If golf is not your game however, maybe you wish instead to tour Scotland’s famous whisky distilleries on the 5-day Whisky Tour. Here, the Royal Scotsman tailors your journey in partnership with the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Scotland, bringing you to the best distilleries of each region. If you would like more options, Palace Tours is happy to customize a journey to suit any of your needs.  

Mountains of Glencoe in Scotland

In the world of business, attention to quality and authenticity are paramount. Those who are most successful deliver the best service, and examine every minute detail of their product to realize its worth as a whole. The same ideals which ensure fruitful business also deliver the unforgettable journey you take on board the Royal Scotsman. Contact Palace Tours today and arrange your excursion. Call 609-683-5018, or email